At Samkwang we have a broad range of equipment and test tools to ensure that all necessary tests and measurements are performed with utmost precision and accuracy. The Quality Department is constantly monitoring the validity of the calibration certificates of those tools that need to follow a calibration schedule.

Here is a brief list of our equipment in the Metrology Lab:

  • 3D Visual Measuring Machine (0.0001″ Tolerance) -> 2 sets
  • CMM – Brown & Sharpe
  • Push-Pull Tester
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Rubbing Tester
  • Salt Spray Tester
  • Temperature and Humidity Tester
  • Thermal Shock Tester
  • Tumbler Tester
  • Vibrator Tester
  • Light Booth
  • MFI Tester
  • Moisture Analyzer

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