The Customer is our most important asset.

With that in mind, Samkwang has a skilled, bi-lingual Spanish/English Supply Chain Management Team, known for excellent customer service and the ability to source the materials and products needed to support the manufacturing operations.

The entire SCM Team is well trained and always in synch with the customers needs, that allows the team to manage the complex scheduling and materials management necessary to meet the on-time delivery requirements.

We offer an ESI (Early Supply Involvement) approach, to participate since the mold design and ensuring best performance for mass production, understanding all assumptions and requirements, therefore minimizing risks.

Samkwang is idealy suited for customers needing injection molding, painting, decoration and assembly services for their maquiladora operations in Mexico, we know the region, we know the people, we understand the processes.

We are at the right location, offer services at the right cost, use the right technology and deliver products with the right quality in order to provide maximized advantage to our customers. We are committed to you as your trusted partner!

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