The Automotive segment is one of the toughest and most demanding segments in the industry and Samkwang takes pride in offering a wide range of services for this market. To be competitive in this market Samkwang adheres to the ISO 9000 and IATF-16949 standards and procedures. We supply component parts to the automotive industry from Under the Hood parts to Interior Decoration, from Buttons to Safety components and we can mold almost every raw material for this segment, from simple conventional injection to complex parts injected in two-shot machines.
Samkwang offers these capabilities for the Automotive segment:
  • Conventional Molding
  • Insert Molding
  • Two-shot Molding
  • In-line Assembly
  • Pad printing
  • Heat transfer
  • X-Y Painting
  • Spindle Line Painting
  • Heat & Ultrasonic welding
  • Laser Etching
  • Chrome Plating -with Korean partner

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