As every pastry chef knows, in order to make the best cake one has to place the well mixed dough in the baking pan and apply even heat for a given amount of time.

The Injection Molding process can be compared to making a cake. In broad strokes the process of injection molding involves the heating of plastic raw material, transforming it into an elastic flowing resin to be then injected under extreme pressure into the cavity of a mold. This enables the large scale production of same sized plastic parts and products.

At Samkwang we offer these capabilities for 1-shot (conventional) molding:

  • 550 tons: 3 machines
  • 450 tons: 1 machine
  • 350 tons: 2 machines
  • 330 tons: 1 machine
  • 220 tons: 3 machines
  • 180 tons: 3 machines
  • 150 tons: 15 machines
  • 80 tons: 1 machine
  • 6/10 tons: 3 machines

Upcoming investment on 1080 tons


In order to produce more complex parts using different materials and still maintaining a low cycle time the two-shot molding process is recommended. A typical example of a two-shot part would be the shell casing of a power tool, made of hard plastic and covered with a softer (rubber-like) material for the hand grip.

At Samkwang we offer these capabilities for two-shot molding:

  • – 300 tons: 3 machines
  • – 220 tons: 1 machine

Upcoming investment on 750 tons

Metal Insert

Metal insert process is the technology that applies injection molding after inserting the metal component into the mold and is used for interior and exterior parts. this process ensures a part with high durability and lower wear and tear as well as maintaining a low production cycle-time.Samkwang has vast experience in the metal insert process and will work with the customer to determine the best machine to be used for the product

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