Being DILIGENT and CUSTOMER CENTRIC has always been Samkwang’s operating philosophy since it’s foundation in 1974. The company was started by my father YOUNGPO KIM, who was a very determined and enthusiastic entrepreneur. He steered and grew the company from local supplier to a global operation, with plants in Korea, China and the Americas.

With over 38 years of manufacturing experience Samkwang put tremendous efforts into Continuous Improvement, Innovation, Technical Excellence and Superior Service for our Customers’ satisfaction.

We realized that the World is changing rapidly in every area of the industry, especially Information Technology, Automotive, Consumer Goods and Industrial Products with the customer’s need for more flexibility and higher customization. Samkwang has focused on the development of Value-Added Integrated Services such as assistance during the product development, lean manufacturing, incorporation of decoration and assembly to molding, improvement of distribution and supply chain management.

We are at the right location, offer services at the right cost, use the right technology and deliver products with the right quality in order to provide maximized advantage to our customers. We are committed to you as your trusted partner!

Thank you!
Mark Kim
President – America Samkwang, Inc..

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